Easy and flexible comment system for content creators.

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What is Remark Ninja?

A service to help you add commenting and community management to any site.


  • Support a safe subset of Markdown that preserves your site aesthetic
  • No sign-in needed to comment
  • New-comment notification
  • Cache user input on the client side
  • More to come ...

Easy to integrate

  • One-line integration for GatsbyJS and other React-based sites;
  • Use our RESTful API for any site or mobile app;
  • Direct support for other platforms coming soon.

Privacy is a priority

  • We do not use analytics tools to track you or your users;
  • We do not collect any extra data that is not used to implement the service itself;
  • Users can export and delete their data anytime.
  • All data is stored in the EU.

Free to use now

Remark Ninja is free to use during beta and perhaps for a long time, but we might need to make it a paid service in the future to develop and sustain it. If/when that happens, we promise that

  • the pricing will be friendly to users of all levels;
  • generous discounts will be given to existing users;
  • adequate time will be given to users who want to migrate away.
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